Why Does The Wind Wail At Walls?

Theatre of Wrong Decisions has inspired three American artists: Andrew Bateman, Quinton Gonzalez and Craig Volk to collectively use our concept. Europe is celebrating in 2019 the joyful occasion that the Iron Curtain fell 30 years ago.
Yet, President Trump is erecting a new wall between Mexico and the US. Look at all our walls: Cyprus, Korea, Bulgaria, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ceuta.
The wall on Palestinian territory built by Israel was sentenced as illegal by the International Court of Justice.
Walls do not solve anything… they impoverish states, deny the desperate, and ignore digital reality.
Trump wants America to be great again, but how small and isolated will it become?

Quintin Gonzalez: Visual

Quintin is an American visual artist who is also an Associate Professor in Visual Arts at the College of Arts & Media at the University of Colorado, Denver. Mr. Gonzalez is known for simultaneously working between abstract painting and digital media, producing works exploiting the materiality of paint and surface, as well as digital identity-based photo-realistic prints influenced by popular culture, political art and multicultural American identity.

Craig Volk: Producer / Voice

Craig was born and raised in Mitchell, South Dakota. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of South Dakota and earned an MFA in playwriting and screenwriting from the Yale School of Drama in New Haven, Connecticut. Volk spent twelve years in the television and film industry in Los Angeles, California, including time spent as a writer for the Emmy-winning series Northern Exposure. He is the author of three published collections of poetry, and his stage scripts have been selected three times for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. His play Mayakovsky Takes the Stage won the 2007 PEN-USA award for best drama.

Andrew Bateman: Sound Design

Andrew is a Senior Instructor in the Department of Film & Television at CU Denver. He has a profound interest in sound design, documentary, and fiction film. He is always looking for films that tell stories of the human condition in unique and beautiful ways. He encourages his students to take risks and push themselves in their filmmaking practices.

Though a Denver native, his studies and professional pursuits have brought him across the country from Santa Cruz, Calif. to Albuquerque, N.M. to Philadelphia, to Oakland, Calif., and finally back to Denver. Currently. Andrew’s work has thus far been recognized by grants and fellowships received from the Bay Area Video Coalition, California Humanities, Comcast, Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Coalition, and SOMArts Neighborhood News Network.

Andrew earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and a Master of Arts in American Studies from the University of New Mexico where he wrote his master’s thesis on the prescient and omnipresent artist Sun Ra.